Ethnic Hair Care Market Trends and Formulation Solutions

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Ethnic Hair Care Market Trends and Formulation Solutions



Market Opportunity for Scalp Treatments and Lightweight Hair Oils

Consistent with their high engagement in the haircare category, Black hair care users report above-average interest in many new products such as scalp treatments (69%), lightweight hair oils (63%) and hair fragrance (56%).

Solutions for Hair Treatments – Restructuring, Shine, Scalp Care, Hair Loss

Marula Oil

INCI: Sclerocarya birrea Seed Oil

  •  Ideal for ethnic leave-in hair treatments, scalp conditioners, hair lotions
  • NPA and ECOCERT approved

TEGO Cosmo C 100

INCI: Creatine

  • Improves volume and feel of damaged hair
  • Smoothes the hair cuticle
  • Vitalizes and strengthens the hair


The Natural Hair Movement

The power of individualism in the growing space of multicultural beauty has led to a shift in beauty ideals where men and women are embracing their cultural identities and expressing themselves through fashion statements where curls and afros become the center of attention. 

Black spending power: projected to increase to $1.4 trillion by 2020

Source: Mintel

This movement drives the need for products that address curl control – a predominant concern for the ethnic consumer -, prevent hair breakage and frizz. Product development in growing applications areas such as innovative hair styling and intensive conditioner products must meet today’s consumer’s hair care regimens to maintain and beautify their natural tresses. Some popular product concepts include Sulfate-free shampoos, co-wash products also known as cleansing conditioners, replenishing masks, oils and creams, scalp care balms, sprays for curl definition and shine, moisturizing gels, hair polish and freeze control serums, heat protectants and curl friendly foams.

33% of consumers think that cleansing conditioners are less damaging than traditional shampoo, and 32% that they make hair styles last longer

Even though the ethnic hair care market is no longer dominated by hair relaxers, straight hair styles are still on the agenda. The opportunity is to formulate products that help to restore, nourish and style treated hair.  Growing needs for dry scalp prevention and increased moisturization and elasticity drive the demand for rinse-off and leave-on treatments as well as conditioning shampoos, cleansing conditioners, and friendlier relaxing systems.

Women with relaxed hair incorporate lightweight repair tonics, moisturizers and oils in their daily hair care routine, which is further enhanced by weekly pre-shampoo and conditioning treatments. Additionally, serums to protect the hair from heat, sheen-moisture styling sprays, and scalp massage treatments are used for styling and nutritional support. Nourishing needs are top priority!.

Solutions for Cleansing Conditioners – Natural Profile, Volume Control, Conditioning Effects

Varisoft EQ-100

INCI: Quaternium-98 (proposed)

  • Cleansing Conditioner performance study available
  • Efficient on curly hair types
  • Excellent conditioning properties. Delivers superior hair manageability, lubricity, and softness
  • 100% active ester quat (solvent-free), readily biodegradable, sustainable

TEGO Amid S18

INCI:  Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine

  • Improves wet and dry comb
  • Reduces fly away
  • Adds volume/body to hair
  • Emulsifying properties in creams
  • Provides a pleasant skin feel
  • Quat-free to avoid build-up on hair

Bio-Botanica Hair Care Complexes

Managing Hair Textures

Curl pattern, hair porosity, and density are important factors in determining hair care needs. The curlier the hair, the more areas of discontinuity in the cuticle layer, creating higher levels of porosity which are present in curly and coily hair. Density determines hair volume by assessing how closely individual strands of hair are packed together on the scalp. Curly hair with medium density is in need of enhancing the hair’s texture and playing up the volume, while coily hair with high density calls for curl holding and volume reduction.

Additionally, consumers that are transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, face the challenge of managing and styling these two different textures. Glenn will assist you in formulating products that effectively address these ethnic hair care concerns. The performance ingredients showcased in this section will provide an effective starting point. Contact your account manager to discuss your particular formulation needs!

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 Solutions for Dry Shampoo

Blanova DS Series

INCI: Zeolite

  • Blanova DS series for odor control act like a molecular sieve trapping odors

Varisoft TA 100

INCI: Distearyldimonium Chloride

  • Curl droop, generally caused by hair rinses, can be reduced by using the more hydrophobic dialkylquat VARISOFT  TA 100, which leads to an improved hold of the hairstyle. This has been proven by a curl retention test (70% relative humidity, within 5 hours).

Solutions for Natural Styling

Blanova BioForm

INCI: Zeolite

  • Curl definition and texture and a soft, flexible hold with excellent humidity resistance

Versagal SQ

INCI: Squalane (and) Ethylene/Propylene/Styrene Copolymer (and) Butylene/Ethylene/Styrene Copolymer (and) Pentaerythrityl Tetra-di-t-butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate

  • Provides a soft after-feel to shampoos, conditioners and styling products

Solutions for Conditioning Shampoos – Frizz, Hair Breakage


INCI: Silicone Quaternium-22; Polyglyceryl-3 Caprate; Dipropylene Glycol; Cocamidopropyl Betaine

  • Proven performance in multiracial hair
  • Stable, PEG-free and preservative-free microemulsion
  • Imparts hair conditioning and gloss
  • Reduces hair breakage
  • Heat protection
  • Color protection/wash fastness

TEGO Sulfosuccinate DO 75

INCI: Disodium Ethylhexyl Sulfosuccinate

  • High Oil (up to 50%), high foaming system with impressive sensorial effect
  • Hot and cold processable
  • PEG- and Sulfate-free systems possible

BRB 5446

INCI: Silicone Quaternium-17 (and) Trideceth-7 (and) Trideceth-5

  • A clear, non-ionic microemulsion of a quaternary ammonium functional silicone
  • Promotes enhanced color and heat protection, particularly on damaged hair fibers and offers superior wet and dry detangling
  • Provides long-lasting hair strength and elasticity by restoring from the inside.


Formulas for Inspiration

MoistuRich Scalp & Hair Cleansing Conditioner

Hair Rescue Masque

Follicle Therapy Shampoo

Intensive Hair Conditioner

Cleansing Conditioner for Damaged Hair

Shampoo for Dry and Coarse Hair

Silicone-free & sulfate-free shampoo for dry hair


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    […] dry shampoos are perfectly positioned to go after the growing ethnic hair care market. Black spending power is projected to increase to $1.4 trillion by 2020. Source: Mintel Consumers […]

  2. […] dry shampoos are perfectly positioned to go after the growing ethnic hair care market. Black spending power is projected to increase to $1.4 trillion by 2020. Source: Mintel Consumers […]

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