Hair Styling Taking Over 2017

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Hair Styling Taking Over 2017


Pump Up the Volume

Ultra-voluminous hair and endless curls and waves are envy-inducing hair trends moving from 2016 to 2017 as modern twists on traditional styles.

54% of US consumers use styling products(1)

A sweep to one side, and a pile of perfectly layered spirals will raise the volume over the months to come, while a resurgence of the 70’s becomes the inspiration for what experts are calling the 2017’s hottest haircut, The Shag. This style impacts with hair that hits just past the shoulders and bangs that are long enough to be split down the middle.

How to Achieve the Look? Product Ideas


Growing-Out Shag, 2017’s Hottest Haircut



Hair Volume Trends From New York Fashion Week Spring 2017

Hairstylist Thom Priano gave the models tight curls and pulled them up for a high, voluminous ponytail, letting the hair fall toward the face. (3)






Hairstylist Jimmy Paul showcased its “created big, blown-up manes”. Just part your hair in the middle and apply volume-boosting spray in the roots. Curl the hair from mid shaft down and set with volumizing hair spray.






Hairstylist Rafe Hardy had one special request from Phillipe Blonde on this model’s massively  curly wig, BIGGER! Volumizing hair spray was the product of the day.







Formulation Solutions

For Ladies (and Men!) with Curls

Blanova BioForm – Hydrolyzed Corn Starch

  • Curls that defy humidity, and natural hold for a natural look. 99% bio-based.

TEGO Betain 810 – Capryl/Capramidopropyl Betaine

  • Improve the foam of your hair styling mousses

Don’t Shampoo, Dry Shampoo!

Blanova DS 912 –  Zeolite

Volume without Build-Up or Breakage

BRB 1288 – Amodimethicone (and) Trideceth-12 (and) Cetrimonium Chloride

  • Adds ease of wet and dry combing to allow for the creation of volume without breakage

BRB 526 – PEG-12 Dimethicone

  • No build-up volume with a conditioned, smooth appearance and more manageable hair.

Extra Benefits Consumers Love

  • Hair sheen: Chamomile, Yarrow, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Raspberry, Quassia, Lemon Peel, Flax
  • Fighting split ends: Horsetail Grass, Comfrey, Fenugreek, Quince, Rosemary, Echinacea, Lavender, Olive, Horsetail, Honey

TEGO Cosmo C 100 – Creatine

  • Improves volume and feel of damaged hair, smoothes the hair cuticle, vitalizes and strengthens the hair


Other Hair Styling Segments & Trends for you to Think About:


Men Want and Need More Hair Styling Products

Get this, while only 9% of hair styling product launches in North America were aimed at men in 2015-16, 32% of US male users of hair styling products look for gender-specific products, 37% of US men who use hair care products think that their hair has different needs than women’s hair, and 22% think that there should be more hair care products on the market specifically for men. (2) Are you ready to take advantage of this market opportunity? We can help you get there! 

Protection from the Elements Claims in Hair Styling Products Rise Above-Average in North America

The opportunity is on the formulation of hair styling products for urban lifestyles to help shield hair against a multitude of environmental stressors, reduce frizz and protect from heat, humidity and UV rays.

Our research has also indicated that there are opportunities for product specialization in these two additonal key areas:

  • Keeping hair clean by inhibiting the adhesion of particulate pollution in the hair shaft
  • Reducing scalp inflammation and/or improving scalp health




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