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Color Care UV Shield Hair Conditioner

Conditioners that claim to provide UV protection have seen a dramatic increase in launches from the previous year (18 launches in 2015 versus 32 so far in 2016). With more consumers making their way to salons, it is extremely important that they purchase conditioners that will protect their color until their next visit.  Color Care UV Shield Hair Conditioner increases the thermal stability of hair and improves color wash fastness. The creamy formulation gives your hair a soft and smooth feel and a brilliant hair shine.

Highlighted Products

ABIL® ME 45: Provides intensive conditioning properties

ABIL® UV Quat 50: Reduces UV fading of dyed hair (hair color protection)

VARISOFT® EQ 65 Pellets: Delivers environmentally friendly efficient conditioning


Dry Skin Recover and Care Face Cream

Moisturization has been the second leading claim among face and neck care products since 2012 and consumers now assume this claim comes standard with every face or neck care product they buy. Plus, facial anti-aging focused products continue to lead all launches with facial cleansers slowly gaining ground in second place. The dry skin recover and care face cream provide instant results by smoothing wrinkles and reinforcing our skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Highlighted Products

CERAMIDE III: Support the renewal of the skin’s natural protective layer and form an effective barrier against moisture loss

HyaCare® 50: Fills wrinkles from inside and reduces deep wrinkles as well as crow feet

TEGO® Care PSC 3: A natural, non-ionic, PEG-free and cost efficient O/W emulsifier suitable for all types of cosmetic O/W creams and lotions


Climate Control Daily Moisturizer

Modern workers find themselves living life in a climate-controlled environment. Whether it is the air conditioning in your car, the sauna at the gym or Monday morning meetings in the conference room, our skin is constantly dealing with a variety of climate conditions. This formulation supports skin rejuvenation by repairing elasticity and providing moisturization. Skin is shielded from moisture loss that is instigated by the varying humidity situations we face every day.

Highlighted Products

SKINMIMICS®: A high-tech Ceramide complex, which provides skin protection, prevention, and regeneration

VARISOFT® TA 100: Provides quick absorbing properties with a non-oily and smooth skin feel


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