Opportunity in the Beauty-Healthcare Cross-Category

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Opportunity in the Beauty-Healthcare Cross-Category


The separation between cosmetic, skin and hair categories is dissipating as health and preventative measures are becoming top of mind for consumers.  Daily protection from pollution, cosmetic touches in treatment products to heal skin ailments and provide complete abrasion coverage are some examples of preventive measures consumers look for. Some applications that address these claims include general purpose body care, deodorants, and body washes. These applications claim to treat rashes (dry skin and heat-induced), hyperpigmentation, irritation, fungi prevention and body acne.

Over half of the US population experience some type of skin irritation. 

Why is this category becoming a focus for multi-functionality? Like the trend of BB and CC creams and multifunctional hair and skin care products, consumers are time-crunched and need fast solutions. However, they are also more conscious of their health and environment than ever before and are looking for products to address these concerns as a whole. Offering prevention, treatment and free-from claims in your products allow you to cross into the beauty health care blurring category.

US sales of medicated skin care are expected to increase 19% through 2019 to reach 1.8 billion.

What are Consumers Looking for within Medicated Skin Care Products?

For US consumers, the most important considerations when selecting medicated skincare products are convenience and sensorial effects. A non-greasy feel is highly desirable, as medicated/OTC products are often associated with heavy, greasy skin feel.

Where to start?

Think of lifestyle marketing to incorporate health conscious, ethnic groups, aging population, and sports enthusiasts. Additionally, multi-purpose products that are of natural origin and have clinically tested, allergy tested, steroid-free and prescription-free claims make consumers of all ages more comfortable when purchasing these products. Aside from looking for specific products to treat ailments, consumers are more likely to purchase general skin care with added benefits targeting rashes, acne, hyperpigmentation, irritation, etc.

Wear it Comfortably

As consumers become more technologically advanced, the popularity of wearables has increased and this market is no different with everything from patches that monitor sun exposure to the measurement of TEWL of the skin throughout the day. As OTC moves more from treatment to prevention, monitoring vital signs of the skin is the next logical step.

Head to Toe Coverage

Don’t’ forget about cosmetics and Hair Care. Foundations with protection against the elements or to treat acne or rosacea, for instance, are precisely what customers are looking for in a multi-purpose product. With the increased interest in scalp care and the evolving hair styling changes, products to protect the hair and scalp and skin on the forehead and cheeks also allow for product innovation that is of interest to the multifaceted consumer.



  • Enhances skin tone
  • Helps improve the overall appearance of skin
    • Improving skin texture
    • Evening skin complexion
  • May help to reduce the appearance of acne


  • Prevents the appearance of dry skin and rejuvenates the appearance of mature skin in particular
    • Hydrates through the skin’s natural water management system 
    • Revitalizes by improving skin moisturization and restoring the elastic feel of younger skin
  • Acts on just aging skin – when biological events are beginning to slow down

Superfruit Blend

Super Fruit Blend is high in antioxidants and is composed of a botanical blend of extracts including Lycium barbarum (Goji), Coffea arabica (Coffee Seed), Euterpe oleracea (Acai), Morinda citrifolia (Noni), Punica granatum (Pomegranate), Camellia sinensis. This product is an excellent addition to many types of personal care products looking for an antioxidant boost.

Laracare A200

LaraCare A200 is a natural, mild, non-irritating and a water-dispersible polymer which could improve the appearance of skin superficial fine lines reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and provides SPF enhancement.

  • Reduce Transepidermal Water Loss
  • Reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


VARISOFT TA 100 provides excellent antistatic effects. Cationic O/W emulsifier for light creams and lotions.

  • Substantive to skin and hair
  • Good antistatic properties
  • Emulsifier for skin lotions with improved skin feel
  • Vegetable based

TEGO Care 450 

TEGO® Care 450 is a universal PEG-free emulsifier for O/W lotions and creams with a bright white appearance and based on vegetable raw materials.Provides moisturizing properties and support of water resistance at low usage concentration of 2-3%. Shows high compatibility with actives, significant amounts of electrolyte and critical ingredients, and is stable from pH 4.5 up to 8.5.

TEGO Cosmo C 100

TEGO® Cosmo C 100, manufactured via a patented process, is the highest quality and purity creatine available on the market. For skin care applications it provides revitalization of cell energy metabolism, it supports skin protection and delivers moisturizing properties.

  • Revitalizes cell energy metabolism
  • Supports skin protection
  • Reduces irritation potential
  • Moisturizer
  • Anti-wrinkle properties
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