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DUROSOFT® is a unique range of naturally derived polyglyceryl-4 ester emulsifiers, which use patent-pending technology to provide the widest HLB range for a greater stability profile. This helps cosmetics formulators meet key product performance and sustainability criteria by:

  • Improving carbon footprint: reduces energy consumption
  • Improving production throughput: substantial cost savings
  • Shorter product development time
  • Simpler and safer manufacturing process
  • Enhancing brand image as a sustainable producer


  • Applications: Emulsifier for all w/o emulsions and 100% oil formulations
  • 100% Natural
  • PEG-Free, Sulfate-Free, Water-Free, Preservative-Free, GMO-Free
  • Made from olive & sunflower seed oils
  • W/O emulsifier
  • Co-emulsifier for O/W systems
  • Usage levels: 5-15%
  • Produce water thin formulations
  • Hot/ cold process
  • Wide HLB: 4-6

Other advantages:

Durosoft SF can form thick formulations with low oil content that easily break in application. It is light and quickly absorbed and will allow the formulator to easily change the sensory of the formulation by adding sensory modifiers.

  • Rub out: Easy to spread forms thin and thick formulations. Easy to absorb
  • After-feel: Light no residue no tack