EtHAIReal Peppermint

mentha piperita (Peppermint) leaf cell extract
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EtHAIReal Peppermint


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EtHAIReal Peppermint: Anti-Pollution & Soothing Benefits for Hair and Scalp

Naolys has developed new Peppermint cells to create EtHAIReal Peppermint, active plant cells with anti-pollution benefits for hair and scalp. It creates an overall improvement in oily hair and scalp proven by a clinical study after 28 days of treatment: decrease of sebum (-44% – Sebumeter measurement) and irritation (-71% – self scoring) and increase of hair’s shininess (-62% in the dull appearance of hair – self scoring). Those results are in accordance with the in vitro test results that show a decrease of the enzyme 5 alpha -reductase combined with a decrease in the release of inflammation mediators and in the creation of free radicals at the level of hair bulb and scalp.

EtHAIReal Peppermint not only acts on the hair bulb at the origin of the generation of sebum but also on the scalp with a more general effect. Through its effect on all the characteristics of not only the hair but also the scalp, EtHAIReal Peppermint restores lightness and shine to oily hair.

Naolys Clinical Data Here

Regulating: Reduces excessive production of oily substances (sebum and lipids) by the hair bulbs and scalp.
Antioxidant, Anti-Pollution: Decreases general cell oxidation, reduces the formation of free radicals in hair bulb and scalp cells.
Soothing: Calming, reduces irritation by increasing the tolerance threshold of the hair bulbs and scalp.
Lightning: Makes hair lighter, for longer.