Tego® Polish Additiv WE 50

O/W Emulsion Based on Silicone Oils
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Tego® Polish Additiv WE 50


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Tego® Polish Additiv WE 50 is a multifunctional, easy to process, cleaning and care agent that provides high speed and streak-free cleaning, gloss and color enhancement on wooden floors, laminates, glass and plastics. Provides good water repellency and protects wooden floors and laminates from moisture. Surfaces cleaned with Tego® Polish Additiv WE 50 dry without streaks and spots even without additional dry wiping, and repel dust and water without creating a slippery or greasy surface. Makes aged surfaces look like new. High gloss, restores shine and enhances color.

Tego Polish Additiv WE 50 is particularly suitable for cleaning of windows and mirrors without tiresome dry wiping. Can also be used in household and industrial floor and hard surface cleaning products, in car cleaning and care products and in cleaners for glass and natural shiny surfaces.

High gloss, restores shine and enhances color. Silicone based emulsifier and Avocado Oil. Suitable for leather (shoes, clothes, furniture, etc.) and plastic surfaces (varnished and veneered wood, dashboards, etc.). Ideal for recreation vehicles and antiques. Nonionic. Hydrophobic.