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Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe Vera Our extracts are holistically balanced® possessing the full spectrum of constituents, matching as close as possible the way they exist in the natural plant. They are unique with maximum potency without any undesirable excipient and easily solubilized, giving a clean non-turbid very effective product with excellent physical and chemical characteristics. We offer Aloe [...]

2021-12-15T13:05:13-05:0031st July 2018|

Aloe Vera in Hemp Seed Oil

Aloe Vera in Hemp Seed Oil is created by extracting plant material directly into Hemp Seed Oil to combine the benefits of the botanical component synergistically with the Hemp Seed Oil; thus, amplifying its benefits while attaining optimum efficacy.

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Biochemica BioVera 200X Aloe is a USDA Certified Organic, spray-dried crystalline powder produced from 100% pure liquid of the aloe vera ( Aloe barbadensis Miller) plant which has been organically cultivated. The resultant product is a 200 X concentrate of liquid aloe which may be reconstituted with deionized water in a ratio of 1:199 (powder to [...]

2023-09-06T21:19:31-04:001st September 2018|


Biochemica Aloe Butter is a proprietary cosmetic butter developed exclusively by The Hallstar Company for cosmetic use. It is actually an extract of Aloe barbadensis (aka aloe vera) using a coconut fatty fraction which produces a soft-solid butter at room temperature that melts on contact at skin temperature. This product may be used for [...]

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Biochemica BioVera 10X Aloe is a decolorized liquid concentrate produced from 100% pure gel of the aloe vera ( Aloe barbadensis Miller) plant which has been organically grown. The resulting product is a 10 X concentrate of the liquid gel which may be reconstituted with deionized water in a ratio of 1:9 (concentrate to water) to obtain [...]

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CoVera™ is the stabilized natural juice obtained from the parenchyma of hand-filleted fresh leaves of mature Aloe barbadensis Miller. This plant, a member of the lily family, is commonly called Aloe Vera or true Aloe. The essentially clear inner gel is specially processed, pasteurized and filtered. Sufficient amounts of food grade acidulant and preservatives have [...]

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Natural Oils, Oil Powders and Butters

Natural Oils, Oil Powders and Butters A collection of natural vegetable, fruit, plant and flower derived oils including Organic Oils that are NOP and IMO certified and Powdered Oils for unique formulas and textures. Arista also offers Essential Oils, Butters, and Extracts. See attached Product Sheet for an entire list and be sure to include [...]

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Siddha Botanical Extracts

Siddha Botanical Extracts: Pure extracts from flowers, bark, leaves, twigs, and roots of herbs, grasses, plants and mineral waxes such as the false daisies, seaweed, algae, neem, gourds, melons, eggplant, aloe, basils, and turmeric. The waxes derived from these extracts are then coated onto natural substrates, ground down finely and sealed together with heat through [...]

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NYSCC Supplier’s Day 2022

Glenn NYSCC Suppliers Day This Lipid Barrier Cream is a skincare emulsion that restores, nourishes, corrects, and improves skin health and appearance with a unique blend of fatty acids, cholesterol, and ceramides. This formula features ingredients such as: dermofeel® NC MB - A non-ionic, PEG-free [...]

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A Sprayable Caress

This A Sprayable Caress is a moisturizing and protective lotion that is designed specifically for children's skin. Apply anywhere where skin is dry, sensitive, or chapped - including on diaper rash - for much needed moisturizing and healing! Eurol® BT and OPUNTIA Oléoactif® protect and heal the skin's damaged cutaneous hydro-lipid barrier. Phase Trade Name [...]

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