2020-01-28T12:36:58-05:0027th August 2019|


CLEAN THE DAY AWAY A unique green offering; water-free, minimal packaging, sustainable formulation Wash time for hair and skin will never be the same again. A green formulation with flexibility for the consumer which can be used on the go, or at home. Two options to select from either loose powder or a compressed tablet, [...]

2021-03-03T14:56:39-05:008th October 2020|

Make It Fizz Bath Bomb

End your day with a calming bath featuring this Make It Fizz Bath Bomb! This lavender-scented bath bomb is the perfect addition to your bath time routine. This formulation features MAISITA 9040 which is a physically treated native corn starch used as a rheology modifier. This ingredient improves skin feel, reduces stickiness and greasiness of [...]

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