2020-02-14T12:02:50-05:0010th July 2015|

Hair Rescue Masque

Help limp, lifeless hair bounce back! This revitalizing hair masque provides intense moisture to restore dried out strands. Marula and Planell™ Oils effectively penetrate to help moisturize and condition hair. Biomin™ Acquacinque Liquid PF binds moisture to hair, restoring its natural health. Phytokeratin™ PF strengthens and repairs, leaving hair less prone to breakage. Vital Hair [...]

2018-02-05T09:00:47-05:0013th April 2017|

Jump Start the Day Gel Primer

Kick start your face regime with this gel face primer. Exotic Marula Oil serves as an emollient to condition skin. The combination of Natrulon® H-6 & H-10 polyglycerins provide a novel moisturizing agent for skin. Lonzest® DC NT emollient provides a light, matte finish. The gel-like rheology is supported by algae-based SeaPure® Agarose rheology modifier. [...]

2018-02-05T09:00:46-05:0012th April 2017|

Tropical Sunset Tinted Lip Gloss

Draw attention because of your kiss-ably shiny lips with this tinted lip gloss. Polyaldo® 10-10-O polyglyceryl ester functions as a naturally-derived alternative to petrolatum and serves as a skin occlusive to help moisturize lips. Natrulon® H-6 polyglycerin has hygroscopic properties, bringing additional moisture to lips. Exotic Marula Oil smoothes and conditions lips while Lonzest® DC [...]

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