2021-11-15T11:28:34-05:0015th November 2021|

After Sun Body Lotion

Keep skin moisturized even after a long day in the sun with this After Sun Body Lotion! This formulation features Refined Buriti Oil which is extracted from the fruit pulp, is rich in oleic fatty acids and high concentration of carotenoids, especially vitamin A. These characteristics are beneficial for after sun treatment, moisturizing and skin [...]

2021-07-30T10:57:45-04:0030th July 2021|

Crystal Deodorant Stick

This Crystal Deodorant Stick is a natural and gentle formula developed with Beramineral Deo, an active that presents perspiration and odor absorption properties. This formula is aluminium free and contains emollient agents, providing a pleasant sensory profile, softness and smoothness to the skin.   Phase Ingredient INCI %w/w A BABAÇU OIL REFINED Orbignya oleifera seed [...]

2021-07-27T15:56:01-04:0027th July 2021|

Facial Serum: Repair & Renew

The Facial Serum: Repair & Renew improves skin's moisture barrier with long lasting hydration. This nourishing serum features Ethience® Protect to protect and strength the integrity of barrier function, repairing the compromised skin. It also contains Beraclay Red, which provides skin firmness and contributes to increase elasticity.   Phase Ingredient INCI %w/w A Aqua up to 100% [...]

2021-07-30T17:25:55-04:0019th July 2021|


The Hair Sleeping Mask with Beraclay Gold has in its composition minerals that promote hair cuticle repair and help restore shine. With an exclusive texture, this mask works during sleep, so upon waking up, hair will be soft, voluminous and lustrous. Sequence Trade Name INCI Name % A Water up to 100% Glycerin 5.00 BERACLAY [...]

2021-08-06T12:29:58-04:006th August 2021|

Hair Smoothing Primer with Beraclay Gold

The Hair Smoothing Primer is a leave-in creme that is lightweight and airy. Containing Beraclay Gold, this formula promotes cuticle repair and restores shine. This amazing leave-in formula is quickly absorbed, providing hair smoothing and detox effects with a light, non-greasy feel.. Sequence Trade Name INCI Name % A Water up to 100% CAPILLUS PRO [...]

2022-01-31T16:55:02-05:0031st January 2022|

Hand Exfoliating Butter with Beraclay Vanilla

This Hand Exfoliating Butter with Beraclay Vanilla promotes gentle exfoliation while removing impurities and dead skin cells. In addition to having anti-aging benefits, it also forms a moisturizing film during and after use, leaving the skin with a velvety sensation. This formulation features the following ingredients: Tucumã Butter Refined: is an emollient rich in lauric [...]

2022-01-25T11:32:23-05:0025th January 2022|

Infinite Zone Facial Mask

This Infinite Zone Facial Mask has a unique texture with Beraclay Purple. This clay acts by removing impurities, excess oiliness, and purifies the skin. The formulation also promotes skin tone uniformity and increases brightness, in addition to improving skin firmness. It is ideal for mature and sensitive skin. This formulation features the following ingredients: Beraclay [...]

2022-01-31T16:02:18-05:0031st January 2022|

Lip Balm & Scrub with Amazonian White Clay

This Lip Balm & Scrub with Amazonian White Clay and Cupuaçu Butter promotes gentle exfoliation while restoring chapped lips. This product also improves blood circulation and rejuvenates the lips, leaving them feeling hydrated and extremely soft. This formulation features the following ingredients: Amazonian White Clay: a natural clay found in the Brazilian biome, collected from [...]

2022-01-24T12:09:14-05:0024th January 2022|

Solid Conditioner with Gold Clay

This Solid Conditioner with Gold Clay is a highly concentrated formulation. It has gold clay in its composition, an active that is responsible for repairing hair cuticle, and emollients that present curl control and definition, in addition to having anti-frizz benefits. This formulation features the following ingredients: Beraclay Gold: has a purifying, astringent, and remineralizing [...]

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