2018-08-31T14:49:45+00:005th October 2015|

Powdered Hair Styling Aid with Dry Water

Phase Trade Name INCI Name % Water 90.86 Aerosil®R812S Silica Silylate 8.80 Sodium Benzoate 0.16 VP/VA Copolymer 0.10 Citric Acid 0.08 PROCEDURE: Completely dissolve and mix sodium benzoate, copolymer, and citric acid into water. Put all ingredients into a blender with Aerosil R812S and blend at high speeds for about 45 secs- 1 min. Store [...]

2018-08-31T14:52:05+00:0022nd November 2013|

Light & Silky AP Stick (20% AP Active)

This formulation is for a Light & Silky AP Stick (20% AP Active). Sequence Trade Name INCI Name % Phase A TEGO Care 165 Glyceryl Stearate; PEG-100 Stearate 1.00 TEGO Alkanol 1618 Cetearyl Alcohol 16.00 TEGOSOFT MM Myristyl Myristate 1.00 TEGOSOFT CR Cetyl Ricinoleate 0.50 Cyclopentasiloxane 42.50 Hydrogenated Castor Oil 2.00 Phase B TEGOSOFT PBE [...]