2018-09-17T11:27:42-04:0014th September 2018|

City Lights Care

Light up the city with glowing, healthy skin! This is daily protection that you’ll actually want to wear. City Lights Care combines olive-derived ingredients with POMEGRANATE Oléoactif® and Biochemica®Matcha Green Tea Butter, resulting in a sophisticated, moisture-rich glow. BLUE Oléoactif® effectively protects cells from external aggressions and reinforces resistance to pollution damage. Use daily with [...]

2018-09-14T11:45:37-04:0014th September 2018|

Sleeping Beauty Mask

Restore moisture overnight to your face’s dry skin with this innovative mask. Sleeping Beauty Mask is formulated with highly concentrated Olive Leaf Extract, delivering high doses of antioxidant nutrients that recharge tired, stressed skin. The addition of eco-designed, oil-based actives from Hallstar’s Oleoactif line gives Sleeping Beauty Mask potent benefits: Opuntia Oléoactif relaxes and comforts [...]

2020-01-24T11:43:20-05:0014th September 2018|

Take My Make-Up Off

Take My Make-Up Off is a facial cleanser that leaves your skin soft and moisturized. Massage this unique oil into your skin and then rinse it off with water. Thanks to the synergy between the formulation’s humectants and cold-process emulsifier Olivem® 2020, Take My Make-Up Off removes impurities along with make-up, leaving skin velvety and [...]

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