2018-02-05T09:00:53+00:0017th October 2017|

Massage Scrub Balm

The colour of this massage and exfoliating balm is 100% natural. It is due to the Microzest 25 Monacolin Red Phase Trade Name INCI Name % Glyceryl & Prunus dulcis (sweet almond) oil & Sucrose laurate & Aqua 25 Heliantus annuus oil QSP 100 Alpha tocopheryl acetate 0,1 Vaccinium macrocarpon seed oil 2 Microzest 25 [...]

2018-02-05T09:00:53+00:0017th October 2017|

Argan Lip Balm

Thanks to the properties of the oils and butter it contains, this argan lip balm quickly regenerates and protects the lips while giving them a silky and brilliant feel. Phase Trade Name INCI Name % Powderous Microzest 25 Argan 3,5 Microzest 25 Bamboo 1,5 Pearlescent Pigment 0,4  Oily Shea Butter 24,4 Castor Oil 24 Argan [...]

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Eye shadows, green, purple, blue

The color of this eye shadow is 100% natural. It is mainly due to the deep color of the Microzest 25. Microzest 25 Rice ST, a surface treated grade of rice improve dramatically the softness of this balm. Using the Microzest 25 Carrot pink or Anthocyan pink, you can get purple colors to pink colors. Microzeset [...]

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Lip Gloss

Let’s stop using synthetic colors for lip gloss. This one is colored only with Microzest 25 Lychee, but the Microzest 25 range allows an infinite number of naturally colored lip glosses. Phase Trade Name INCI Name % Castor oil qsp100 Trihydroxysterarin 4,5 Acaciadecurrens & jojoba & sunflower seed wax / Polyglyceryl-3 esters 2 Sunflower oil [...]

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Flower relaxing bathing salt

Let’s stop using synthetic colors for bathing salts. This salt is colored only with Microzest 25 Gardenia blue and Microzest 25 Carrot pink. Using some Exfoliators is the key of an authentic natural product. Phase Trade Name INCI Name % Salt qsp100 Microzest 25 Gardenia blue 0,4 Microzest 25 Carrot pink 0,8 Cranberry BioExfoliator 2000 [...]

2018-02-01T11:03:19+00:0017th October 2017|

Tinted Cream

This day cream is the perfect start to the day! It nourishes while slightly bronzing the skin so that the face simply glows with health. Phase Trade Name INCI Name % Powderous Microzest 25 Lychee 6,0 Microzest 25 Rose 2,0 Microzest 25 Coconut 2,0 Titanium 0,5  Aqueous Water 50,3 Glycerin 5,0 Butylen Glycol 8,0 Xanthan [...]

2018-02-05T09:00:51+00:0017th October 2017|

Lemon Gloss

This lemon gloss is perfect for making lips sparkle, leaving them luscious and delicately shiny. Phase Trade Name INCI Name % Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil & Glycerin & Aqua & Sucrose Laurate 16,4 Glycerin 12,0 Various butters (Mango, shea, …) 25,0 Various oil (Pomegranate, castor,…) 45,0 Beeswax 0,5 Microzest 25 Lemon 0,5 Nacre [...]