2020-04-21T11:48:44-04:0025th March 2020|

High alcohol load formulation

High alcohol load formulation Sequence Trade Name INCI Name %  A Deionized Water qs 100 Jaguar HP-120 COS Hydroxypropyl Guar 1.2 B Ethanol 75.0 C Citric acid (50% water solution) q.s. Processing Step 1 Disperse Jaguar HP-120 COS into deionized water under stirring. Step 2 Weight 20 part ethanol and add 8 drops citric acid [...]

2019-04-26T12:03:22-04:0014th March 2019|

Make-up Remover Honey Oil Gel

Description: This oil gel formulation effectively cleanses away dirt and make-up. Unlike traditional oil-based cleansers, it does not drip away making it very convenient and pleasant to use. It has honey-like consistency with excellent rinsability and cleansing property.   Phase Trade Name INCI % A Glycerin 20 Jaguar HP 120  Hydroxypropyl guar 0.04   Cetyl [...]

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