ANTIL SPA 80 (Isostearamide MIPA; Glyceryl Laurate)


Isostearamide MIPA; Glyceryl Laurate
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ANTIL® SPA 80 is a liquid monoalkanolamide. In contrary to Cocamide DEA, it is free of secondary amines, which are a potential source of nitrosamines. In contrary to Cocamide MEA (solid), it is an easy-tohandle liquid with faster dissolving time. This efficient, PEG-free thickening and conditioning agent for skin and hair cleansing formulations is compatible with anionic, amphoteric and other non-ionic surfactants as well as fatty acid soaps. ANTIL SPA 80 shows excellent thickening properties with the typically used surfactants for cosmetic formulations. It is especially useful for formulations which are difficult to thicken such as ether sulfate-free formulations.

The excellent viscosity increasing effect has been proven in both, standard surfactant systems as well as mild systems based on a low-level SLES in combination with a sulfosuccinate. INCI: Isostearamide MIPA; Glyceryl Laurate

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      Isostearamide MIPA; Glyceryl Laurate
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