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Aqua (and) Glycerin (and) Aphanothece Sacrum Polysaccharides (and) Galactoarabinan
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H2OBioEV™ Bioactive moisturizes by replenishing essential humectants, which provide an optimal environment for epidermal proteins to form and maintain a strong barrier, thus restoring a smooth and radiant appearance.  It is an evolution in moisturization, to refresh and revitalize skin.  INCI: Aqua (and) Glycerin (and) Aphanothece Sacrum Polysaccharides (and) Galactoarabinan


Twice Unique

H2OBioEV™ BioActive is unique because it offers three different biophysical and biochemical approaches to address dry skin from a single ingredient. H2OBioEV™ bioactive rejuvenates skin by:

  • Depositing an invisible film that locks moisture in the skin
  • Replenishing essential humectants and providing a stabilizing environment for functional skin proteins
  • Stimulating the expression of proteins essential to forming and maintaining an optimal skin barrier function

The modern consumer has different needs and expectations, which change the way she or he chooses products.  Rather than looking for a specific type of product, consumers are looking for cutting-edge technologies that provide particular functionalities. They recognize five categories of functionality in cosmetic products: rejuvenating, age-defying, age reversing, beauty enhancing and imperfection correcting.

Responding to consumer demand to rejuvenate and revitalize skin, Lonza created H2OBioEV™ Bioactive by optimizing a unique combination of naturally sourced ingredients, including Aphanothece Sacrum and Galactoarabinan polysaccharides.

  • Aphanothece sacrum is rich in ampholytic macromolecular polysaccharide, which is highly hydrophilic and absorbs more water than other typical polysaccharides
  • Galactoarabinan is sourced sustainably from the larch tree and extracted via a patented technology. It is known to reduce Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) on the skin, providing long-lasting moisturization and hydration

H2OBioEV™ Bioactive is ideal for use in facial and body moisturizers, lip balm, hand care, Asian Care,  and face masks.

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        Aqua (and) Glycerin (and) Aphanothece Sacrum Polysaccharides (and) Galactoarabinan
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