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Vanillyl butyl ether
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HotFlux is a mild warming agent that rejuvenates hair growth and enhances microcirculation. The functional group is called the vanillyl group; it plays the main role in inducing the warming sensation via the nervous system.


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Enhances the local blood cell flow. 0.3% of this cream can increase perfusion up to 30.24% and 66.4% for 0.5%

HotFlux cream with an average perfusion time of more than 30 minutes.

Helps rejuvenate hair growth by:

  • Imparting a relaxing warming sensation
    • sooth and reduce the feeling of stress -> decrease inflammation
  • Enhancing microcirculation
    • more nutrients delivered to the hair follicles
  • Preventing hair loss
    • reduce inflammatory cytokines such a IL-6 and IL-8
  • Improving hair growth
    • up-regulate hair growth factors such as IGF-1, VEGF, bFGF


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      Vanillyl butyl ether
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