IGEPAL CA-897 (Ethoxylated Octylphenol, Branched (40))


Ethoxylated Octylphenol, Branched (40)
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IGEPAL CA-897 is an excellent primary nonionic surfactant, recommended especially for the emulsion polymerization of acrylic, vinyl acrylic, styrene butadiene and styrene acrylic polymers. Such polymers find application in latex paints, adhesives, paper coatings and textile applications. IGEPAL© CA-897 is one of a series of Rhodia ethoxylated alkylphenol nonionic surfactants with different HLBs. Since differences in HLB affect emulsification and stabilization properties, the IGEPAL series allows the user to select the surfactant that will provide effective particle size control, low levels of coagulum, latex stability and trouble-free commercial production.