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Hydroxypropyl Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride
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Lower surfactant content in shampoos is a new trend on the rise and requires a specialized conditioning polymer. Introducing Jaguar® LS, a guar conditioning polymer, designed for the needs of modern shampoo formulas. For shampoos based on fewer surfactants and chemicals, typical conditioning polymers cannot perform at acceptable usage levels, which increase formula costs and worsen formulation compatibilities. Jaguar® LS is the guar solution which delivers the conditioning benefits and performance expected by consumers and formulators.

Consumer Benefits

  • Purpose tailored conditioning for less irritating, more eco-friendly, low surfactant systems
  • Improve detangling & combing, especially at difficult to condition tips
  • Richer and smoother wet hair feel during and after shampooing
  • Fly-away control while maintaining hair volume
  • Build-up-free performance for all types of hair, including damaged, bleached, or colored hair

Formulator Benefits

  • Faster, more efficient development of low surfactant systems that provide the conditioning consumers demand
  • Suitable for transparent formulations
  • Broad compatibility with the full range of surfactants available today, including EO and sulfate free
  • A convenient, natural alternative to silicone-free conditioning systems
  • Great eco-tox profile: non-ecotoxic to aquatic organisms
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