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Metabiotics® Resveratrol CN

Water (and) Yeast Extract
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Metabiotics® Resveratrol CN


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Metabiotics® Resveratrol CN is a non-animal derived, biotechnological ingredient intended for topical application obtained through the fermentation of the small molecule, resveratrol, with the microorganism, Pichia pastoris. It is an ideal active to incorporate into cosmetic formulations designed to offer anti-aging, reduction in inflammation, promoting firming and rebuilding DEJ structural integrity and ultimately ameliorating the visible signs of aging. This product is a light yellowish liquid.

Metabiotics® Resveratrol CN

Skin Youthfulness in Modern Lifestyle with Metabiotics® Resveratrol CN

Metabiotics® Resveratrol is a unique multi-functional active resulting from the fermentation of Resveratrol with Pichia pastoris. Resveratrol is an antioxidant polyphenol found in red wine that has been the subject of intense interest in recent years due to a range of unique properties which are believed to have anti-aging benefits.

Water (and) Yeast Extract


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