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NAB™ Rhodiola Extract

Water & Pentylene Glycol & Rhodiola rosea Root Extract
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NAB™ Rhodiola Extract


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NAB™ Rhodiola Extract  is an extract from the root Rhodiola rosea, which originates from the Arctic regions of Eastern Siberia and the Tibetan mountains. Studies demonstrated that Rhodiola is an adaptogenic plant, which means it has developed natural defense mechanisms, such as increased production of powerful antioxidants, against the harmful effects of extreme environmental conditions.

NAB™ Rhodiola Extract

Data shows that NAB™ Rhodiola Extract enhances the skin’s resistance to stress and thus promotes skin cell vitality.

Specifically, NAB® Rhodiola Extract:

  • Boosts the activity of endogenous antioxidants in skin cells
  • Protects the skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation
  • Helps protect skin lipids against oxidative stress
  • Helps protect against degradation of squalene on skin exposed to environmental pollutants
  • Reduces the expression of inflammatory cytokines
  • Can help protect skin against exposure to extreme temperatures

Water/Pentylene glycol/Rhodiola rosea root Extract


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      Water & Pentylene Glycol & Rhodiola rosea Root Extract
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