Polycare® Frizz Therapy by Solvay -Glenn Corp- Azelis

Polycare® Frizz Therapy

Poly Methacrylamido propyl trimonium Chloride
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Polycare® Frizz Therapy


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Anti-frizz solution for durable shape

Polycare® Frizz Therapy addresses anti-frizz challenges by providing high humidity resistance and maintaining durable shape and long-lasting discipline for straight or curly hair.

Polycare® Frizz Therapy is a synthetic low-viscosity cationic polymer. For maximum efficacy, this polymer is ideally suited for preventative leave-in treatments and creams before the use of hot tools or styling instruments. This innovative anti-frizz agent has even demonstrated good anti-frizz abilities in leave-on products, creams and sprays.

Polycare® Frizz Therapy is ideal for the increasingly desirable minimalist beauty care regimen, as it provides an enjoyable combination of excellent heat protection and anti-frizz properties at the same time, which saves money, and time.

How it works

As a low-viscosity cationic polymer, Polycare® Frizz Therapy utilizes advanced technology to counteract common causes of frizz. Hair carries a slightly negative charge when wet, and the more the hair is damaged, the more negatively charged it becomes. Conversely, cationic polymers and surfactants are positively charged entities. Therefore, through static attraction, cationics work by neutralizing the negatively charged hair surface to minimize frizz and flyaways.

Outstanding anti-frizz performance compared to the leading industry benchmark

Polycare® Frizz Therapy offers a variety of critical benefits, is REACH compliant and is listed under the Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China (IECIC).


Polycare® Frizz Therapy

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        Poly Methacrylamido propyl trimonium Chloride


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