TEGO Care CG 90 (Cetearyl Glucoside)

TEGO® Care CG 90

Cetearyl Glucoside
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TEGO® Care CG 90


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Evonik Personal Care will be available in Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont through Glenn effective May 1, 2019.  


Care CG 90 is a sugar based emulsifier with low fatty alcohol content for PEG-free O/W spray, lotions and creams. TEGO Care CG 90 is highly concentrated and has excellent application properties and a wide temperature stability profile. Very low usage concentration (~1%) and no need for co-emulsifier in formulations.

  • Sprayable emulsions are possible
  • Efficacious at low usage levels, allowing for a wide range of oil phase level and content.
  • The oil phase components can be selected from mineral oil, vegetable oils and synthetic esters which allows you to vary the application profile of the emulsion
  • TEGO Care CG 90 formulas do not whiten the skin on application
  • Wide heat and cold stability range
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