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TEGO Pep 4-Comfort

Glycerin; Water; Tetrapeptide-63 Acetate
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TEGO Pep 4-Comfort


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Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont


TEGO® Pep 4-Comfort, a tetrapeptide specially designed to address the key symptoms of sensitive skin!

Shaving, harsh cleansing, hormonal fluctuations, personal lifestyles habits, environmental stress – we are regularly exposed to irritants which can trigger the formation of sensitive skin:

  • Overreaction of nerve fiber endings
  • Lowered skin tolerance threshold
  • Upregulation of cutaneous inflammatory mediators
  • Loss of skins’ regenerative & protective function

Hyperreactivity of the skin, visible and perceivable sensations, burning, redness, itching, stinging, irritated and tight skin might occur.

The hyperactivity of sensitive skin can be re – balanced by 4% TEGO® Pep 4-Comfort. The heat pain threshold and the touch detection threshold increased after 8 weeks of treatment with a cream containing 4% TEGO® Pep 4-Comfort. TEGO® Pep 4-Comfort reduces redness in the irritated skin, prevents the burning feeling and reduces skin reactions. Regularly shaved skin areas are prone to formation of redness, irritations, and discomfort. 4% TEGO® Pep 4-Comfort visibly supports skin soothing and calming.

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      Glycerin; Water; Tetrapeptide-63 Acetate