Tego Sorb A 30 (Zinc Ricinolic With Solubilizers)

Tego® Sorb A 30

Zinc Ricinolic With Solubilizers
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Tego® Sorb A 30


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Tego® Sorb A 30 is a highly effective, fast acting and long lasting odor absorber based on the zinc salt of ricinoleic acid which is pre-activated by an amino acid. Tego® Sorb A 30 is a non-toxic product specially made for non-risk formulations for household and I&I applications, like alkaline kitchen cleaners and aqueous odor absorber sprays. Tego® Sorb A 30 has a broad spectrum of activity, is easily water dilutable and gives a crystalline residue after drying, which can be re-activated by humidity or water. This allows pre-impregnation of surfaces or solid substances against malodors. Tego Sorb A 30 removes unpleasant odors like cigarette smoke, sweat, garbage, pet smell, onion and garlic.

Permanent removal of odor. Targets malodors in kitchen, bathroom, pet care, garbage, etc. Compatible with enzymes, bacteria and fragrances. Malodor reduction.

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      Zinc Ricinolic With Solubilizers