Tego® Sorb Conc. 50 / Zinc Ricinolic With Solubilizers

Tego Sorb Conc. 50

Zinc Ricinolic With Solubilizers
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Tego Sorb Conc. 50


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Tego® Sorb Conc. 50 is a highly concentrated, water-free, odor absorber based on zinc salt of ricinoleic acid. Malodour components like hydrogen sulphide, mercaptan, thioether, isovaleric acid and ammonia are effectively controlled with Tego® Sorb Conc. 50. Tego® Sorb Conc. 50 does not interfere with most of the existing perfume components or with biological systems, is cold processable and soluble in surfactant systems. Its excellent odor absorbing properties make Tego® Sorb Conc. 50 suitable for a wide variety of applications.


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      Zinc Ricinolic With Solubilizers