TEGO® Stemlastin (Algae extract)

TEGO® Stemlastin

Cyanidium Caldarium Extract
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TEGO® Stemlastin


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TEGO® Stemlastin is a standardized extract of the micro algae Cyanidium caldarium. Through its combined activity on epidermal stem cells and the elastic fiber, TEGO® Stemlastin clearly retains a youthful skin appearance and reduces the signs of chronological skin aging.

The algae Cyanidium caldarium is able to survive under extreme environmental conditions. Therefore, the extract delivers a special intracellular composition of extremolytes in the form of mineral nutrients, amino acids, algae polyphenols and is enriched in gamma amino butyric acid (GABA).

The strain that is used for the production of TEGO® Stemlastin was isolated on the Sunda Islands in Southeast Asia from mount Lawu fumaroles on the Java Island.

  • Protects and maintains epidermal stem cell capacity for rejuvenated skin activity
  • Boosts elastic fibers for highly supple skin
  • Fights skin elasticity fatigue
  • Retains a youthful appearance
  • Usage concentration: 1- 5%



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      Cyanidium Caldarium Extract

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