TEGOLON® 12-20 (Nylon-12)

TEGOLON® 12-20

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TEGOLON® 12-20


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TEGOLON® 12-20 is an ultrafine polyamide powder for use in color cosmetics, e.g. lipsticks, skin care and sun care. TEGOLON® 12-20 combines soft touch with good absorption properties. Enhances contact time with stratum corneum and improves ease of application and spreadability. Particle size 10 micron.

  • Lowest water absorption of all commercially available polyamides
  • Very good resistance to fats, oils, salt solutions, and many other solvents
  • Reduces shine in emulsions and sun screen formulations with a high oil or UV filter content
  • Optimal fine particle size grade for use in color cosmetics



  • TEGOLON® 12-10 is preferably used in powder preparations, foundations, nail polishes and aerosols. Specifically in color cosmetics, the trend is directing towards finer particle sizes. TEGOLON® 12-20 can be used in skin care and sun care creams and lotions as well as in lipsticks.
  • In powder based foundations or eye shadows, TEGOLON® can be incorporated at 80-82°C when the formulation only contains an oil phase.
  • When preparing emulsions, it is recommended to add TEGOLON® below 40°C to the combined phases and homogenize for a short time at low shear rates.
  • Application of high shear rates at temperatures above 40°C increases the risk of agglomeration.
  • TEGOLON® powders, with their pH of approximately 6, are adapted to the human skin. Their microporous surface adsorbs active ingredients in the formulation and releases them after the cream is applied to the skin. Because of their finely divided structure, these powders provide a good skin feel, while smoothing the skin and reducing shine.
  • TEGOLON® powders also influence the flow behavior and viscosity of product, and help to reduce separation in emulsions.
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