Tegopren 6922 (Quaternium-80)

Tegopren® 6922

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Tegopren® 6922


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Tegopren® 6922 is a silicone quat, the copolymer of a polydimethylsiloxane and an organic quaternary amine used to enhance the drying effect of rinse aids for automatic car wash stations.  A main parameter for the application is the excellent affinity to surfaces out of aqueous solutions and the anti static effect, comparable to betaines. Tegopren 6922 is very suitable as a component in rinse agents for automatic car washes not only because of the anti static properties but also because of its cationic character. Provides gloss and a hydrophobic effect to car surface. Tegopren® 6922 does not give any “build up” and will be suitable for two-in-one formulations like car shampoos. It improves the drying effect and the car surfaces become bright and water repellent. Tegopren® 6922 is water dilutable and may be processed in clear formulations when combined with other organic, cationic products.

Shine and protection. Makes the silicone stick to the surface. Directly soluble into water based rinse aids. Speeds up the drying effect. Improves gloss and water beading effect. No “build up”. Ideal for dashboards and leather. 30 carbon chain silicone backbone with positive charged ends.

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