TEGOSOFT OER (Oleyl Erucate)


Oleyl Erucate
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TEGOSOFT OER is an emollient ester of oleyl alcohol and erucic acid of 100% vegetable origins. TEGOSOFT OER imparts a caring and smooth skin feel in cosmetic formulations. The properties ar similar to natural jojoba oil.

  • High-purity product with very low color and consistent quality.
  • It is fully biodegradable
  • It is miscible with common cosmetic oils.
  • It is easy to formulate in combination with other oils into O/W and W/O systems.
  • The color of TEGOSOFT® OER is substantially improved compared to the natural Jojoba oil

TEGOSOFT® OER has no noticeable impact on the appearance of formulations unlike natural Jojoba Oil. Skin care O/W emulsion formulation with 5% TEGOSOFT® OER appears brilliant white as compared to natural Jojoba Oil formulated at an equal level. Therefore, TEGOSOFT® OER is suitable for all cosmetic formulations, especially in color sensitive formulations.


  • Skin care products
  • Sun care products
  • Color cosmetics and other personal care products
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      Oleyl Erucate
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