Tegosoft® OL / Ethylhexyl Laurate Medium Polar Ester Oil

Tegosoft® OL

Ethylhexyl Laurate
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Tegosoft® OL


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Tegosoft® OL is a high spreading liquid emollient for surface care and protection. A medium polar ester oil with very low viscosity for O/W and W/O emulsions.

  • very low pour point
  • oxidation stable
  • good solubility for non-polar substances
  • use in anionic and cationic systems
  • good performance, versatile formulas
  • good biodegradability
  • low toxicity
  • low odor

In industrial applications Tegosoft® OL improves the sheeting performance in formulations for a spot-free surface.



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      Ethylhexyl Laurate