Varisoft® 3690 (75%) / 1-Methyl 2-Nortallow 3-Tallo W Amidoethyl-Imidazolinium-Methosulfate

Varisoft® 3690 (75%)

1-Methyl 2- Nortallow 3- Tallo W Amidoethyl- Imidazolinium- Methosulfate
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Varisoft® 3690 (75%)


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Varisoft® 3690 (75%) is a low viscosity clear liquid system designed to produce fluid dispersions used for softening fabrics and tissue or as paper de-bonding agents. Varisoft® 3690 (75%) is cationic, imparting good softening efficiency because of its substantivity to fabric, giving treated fabrics that soft and fluffy feel, and imparting good re-wettability. Additionally, it reduces static cling and wrinkling, and makes fabrics easier to iron.