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VivaGlow Iris


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VivaGlow Iris

VivaGlow Iris is a liquid crystal blend made up of cholesterol esters that adds visual impact as well as moisturizing capacity to cosmetic formulations, especially in clear system. VivGlow enhances the aesthetic appearance of cosmetic products with strong visual (holographic) effect of opalescence/iridescence and mimics the characteristic of intercellular lipids to impart good moisturizing property and high water-holding capability.


Eye Care– to help deliver lipophilic actives. Provides vital nourishing supplement to make skin feel moist, soft and smooth. The iridescent/opalescent effect can also help eye area look brighter.

Holographic Lip Gloss– to impart iridescent effect of holographic lip gloss. Dyes or pigments may be added to give a large spectrum of colors ranging from light pastel to more intense shades in color cosmetics.

In Clear Gel– to enhance the aesthetic appearance of clear serum or gel. Liquid crystals can be incorporated as swirl, ribbon, droplets in clear hydrous system. This results in a beautiful iridescent look that can be easily seen through the gel and gives a varying visual effect from different angles.

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