Chinese Herb Botanical Extracts

///Chinese Herb Botanical Extracts

Chinese Herb Botanical Extracts

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Chinese Herb Botanical Extracts


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Oriental plants have been in regular use for thousands of years and differ from herbs used in Western phytotherapy in that they are not merely dried plant parts or their extracts or tinctures, but are actually crude medicinal drugs. These Oriental plant extracts are 100% pure, natural, therapeutic ingredients selected from Kingly or Minister classes of plant drugs which are non-toxic and very safe to incorporate into cosmetics formulations.

Produced from organically cultivated or custom wild-crafted herbs and plants. Cultivation and extraction methods have been updated to the processes of the 20th century with respect to traditional techniques and improved environmental impact. Additionally, ensuring the highest possible concentration and consistent composition of active substances.


Available as unpreserved extracts in either aqueous propylene glycol or 1,3-butylene glycol.

See attached documentation for further application and benefit information for individual extracts.

When requesting a sample please be sure to indicate by Oriental name what extract you are requesting.