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Introducing a cycling that isn’t torturous: skin cycling 🚴🏼‍♀️

Don't fear, “skin cycling” is not a high-energy, sweat-inducing spin workout for the skin 🚴🏼‍♀️, it is actually quite the opposite of a regimen, one that builds in recovery nights 💤 for this skin through intermittent or alternating use of active ingredients. The term was coined by a board-certified dermatologist, Whitney Bowe, MD, and [...]

2023-11-29T09:00:30-05:0022nd June 2023|

The Psychology of Color and How to Apply

Color (noun) : a phenomenon of light (such as red, brown, pink, or gray) or visual perception that enables one to differentiate otherwise identical objects. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) From the neon pink eyeshadow that we are intrigued to buy, to picking a vacation destination with bright blue waters, colors have a way of capturing our [...]

2023-08-31T13:05:35-04:0021st November 2022|

Communicating the Science of Ingredients

As the book written on The Science of Communicating Science explains, SciComm is "a variety of practices that transmit scientific ideas, methods, knowledge and research to non-expert audiences in an accessible, understandable or useful way." And that is such a beautiful thing we in cosmetic chemistry get to share with our customer base. Consumers [...]

2023-02-28T10:53:03-05:0023rd September 2022|

Taking Pride in Expressing True Self

Who We Are is Expressly Personal and Yet Tribal in Nature Who we are and what we are about can most often be defined by what we are part of, or more exclusively not part of. When we compartmentalize people by standards such as how we identify, we create separation beyond the needs of [...]

2022-09-20T03:11:14-04:0029th June 2022|

Dewy Skin Look Inspired by Korean Beauty

From a beautiful glass skin ("Chok Chok") look to lustrous eye makeup, Korean Beauty continues to be all the rage in the industry. It has impacted the way that we view our skincare and makeup routines & products. A beauty routine with multiple steps, the objective of K-Beauty (Korean Beauty) is to get radiant, [...]

2022-09-20T02:57:08-04:0021st June 2022|

Sun, Mind The Gap Please

What is the Sun Gap? The Fitzpatrick scale, as discussed in our Charting Shade Offerings That Match All Skin Tones post, is also used to determine the response time to exposure to the sun, for instance the lightest Type I skin type will burn in the sun after only 5-10 minutes and will never [...]

2023-03-27T11:24:05-04:0021st June 2022|

Dewing Color Right

Adding Color to a Dewy Skin Routine Line, is Stunningly Simple! As a base, try sticking with only a concealer or dewy compact. Look into this Radiance Cream for light coverage Beyond that: choose either contour, highlight, or blush. Only one! For lips, it's not gloss. It glows. Finish off with [...]

2022-06-30T23:58:46-04:0017th June 2022|

The Mist Have in Every Skin Care Bag

Have you Mist the #1 Mission in Skin Care? Moisturize! Moisturizers that fill in your skin with hydration rather than an occlusive cream that just sits on top are perceived as more beneficial. Watery products with humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerin are great for adding moisture to the skin. Consider product development around multiple [...]

2023-07-24T10:38:07-04:0017th June 2022|

Face Value is Glow Worth it

Let's Face it. In the age of "to see or be seen" Social Media has people everywhere scrolling, zooming and scrutinizing every aspect of a picture perfect existence. The focus is shifting however to presenting an authentic self, and to accept the skin you are in. This movement is a key sentiment for Gen-Z, [...]

2022-09-20T03:20:00-04:0017th June 2022|


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