LightWaves Defense

Jasminum sambac leaf cell extract (China compliant)
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LightWaves Defense


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LightWaves Defense reduces the damage caused by light!

Naolys created a new complex of Indian jasmine cells enriched with γ-mangosteen to develop a unique biological protection for the skin. A universal fragrant flower combined with a newly discovered active plant molecule protects against skin damage caused by different types of solar radiation.

LightWaves Defense protects the mitochondrial DNA that is responsible for correct skin cell function, preserves skin microcirculation, responsible for reddening of the skin and protects the dermis’ essential components that are responsible for the skin’s characteristics.

Anti-ageing: Reinforces the skin’s firmness, suppleness, and elasticity by maintaining the level of key components of the dermis.
Radiance: Revives the complexion’s radiance, making it brighter and more uniform.
Firming: Maintains the skin’s degree of firmness.
Anti-redness, well-being: Reduces redness by stimulating skin microcirculation.
Protection: Protects DNA and reduces damage caused by UV, IR and blue light.