2020-01-28T12:36:58-05:0027th August 2019|


AIR PUMP DRY SHAMPOO MOUSSE A natural alternative to the aerosol dry shampoo mousse For the customer that requires a format to meet the demands of the market, without sacrificing their environmental concerns over aerosols. This formula offers a mousse style foam that cleanses the hair shaft, removing oil, product and offers daily cleansing. The [...]

2021-09-03T11:33:21-04:003rd September 2021|

Hair, Beard, and Moustache Wax for Men

Tame flyaway hairs with this Hair, Beard, and Moustache Wax for Men! This formulation features RICE PO4 Natural which is a special starch (phosphate cross-linked starch) based on rice used for applications in cosmetics. This ingredient shows a very good opacity, adhesion, and creaminess and does not clog the skin pores. Because of the non-swelling [...]

2021-09-03T16:00:22-04:003rd September 2021|

Quick Clean Hair Mousse

A Quick Clean Hair Mousse that is ready for application on-the-go! This formulation features Rice PO4 NATURAL. Because of the small particle size of this ingredient, it is a perfect ingredient for fine face powders and other powder cosmetics. RICE PO4 NATURAL can be used alone or as an addition to powder bases. It has [...]

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