2020-09-09T15:13:22-04:009th September 2020|

Under Eye Peel-Off Mask

Under Eye Peel-off Mask offers consumers the promise of reducing the appearance of tired skin and dark circles under the eyes, creating a younger-looking you. This formulation features ROVISOME F.E.C. which is an encapsulated active complex designed for improvement of dark circle appearance and supported by increased bioavailability in the skin. Powerful combination of algae [...]

2023-02-28T10:53:03-05:0023rd September 2022|

Communicating the Science of Ingredients

As the book written on The Science of Communicating Science explains, SciComm is "a variety of practices that transmit scientific ideas, methods, knowledge and research to non-expert audiences in an accessible, understandable or useful way." And that is such a beautiful thing we in cosmetic chemistry get to share with our customer base. Consumers [...]

2023-02-27T09:50:23-05:0030th August 2021|

Curl, I’m Not Playing with You

There is a pride that is being reinvigorated for those who welcome back a natural curly style. Here we will focus on those with curly hair types, ethnicities and nationalities including but not limited to Hispanic, Pacific Islander, and African Ancestry. What makes it more difficult to formulate and market to an ever-diversifying population [...]

2022-09-20T03:20:00-04:0017th June 2022|

Face Value is Glow Worth it

Let's Face it. In the age of "to see or be seen" Social Media has people everywhere scrolling, zooming and scrutinizing every aspect of a picture perfect existence. The focus is shifting however to presenting an authentic self, and to accept the skin you are in. This movement is a key sentiment for Gen-Z, [...]


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