2021-06-30T14:45:13-04:008th October 2020|

Green Microzest 50 Charcoal

Green Microzest 50 Charcoal is manufactured by processing at very high temperatures coconut shells.  Green Microzest 50 charcoal is manufactured by carbonization of coconut shells at very high temperatures and activation with water vapor. A high purity grade of powdered activated carbon. Microzest Charcoal has multiple cosmetic assets, such as : • Absorbing and removing [...]

2021-07-12T13:22:06-04:0029th April 2021|

Tooth Powder

This tooth powder is 100% natural, with 20% upcycled ingredients.  The micro zest 50 Green Clay delivers absorbent and purifying properties while the Microzest 50 Green Tea cleans the oral cavity, and delivers a mild pleasant taste. The Saponin+ is what delivers the foaming while the Microzest 25 Bamboo and 25 Gardenia Blue are what [...]


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