2020-09-09T14:59:46-04:009th September 2020|

Beautiful Body Bronzer Tone-Up

This Beautiful Body Bronzer Tone-Up protects, hydrates and evens your skin, while adding a charming glow upon application. This formulation features SPHINGOKINE NP which is a short-chain ceramide with unique multi-layer skin activator. It plumps and densifies the skin. TEGO® CARE 450 MB is a natural emulsifier with moisturizing benefits for all skin types. Phase [...]

2020-12-08T19:14:51-05:009th September 2020|

Instantly Replenished Lips

Instantly Replenished Lips is a bold deep purple lipstick that will rock your lips! This formula combines ingredients that will offer extra care and moisturization for instantly replenished lips. This formulation features CERAMIDE III which is a skin-identical ceramide that reinforces the skin's natural protective barrier, while improving long-term moisturization. HYACARE Filler CL is a [...]

2020-09-22T16:40:31-04:0011th March 2020|

Rejuvenating Overnight Lip Mask

Rejuvenating Overnight Lip Mask RY-5830-204 Rejuvenating Overnight Lip Mask responds to consumers demand for a hydrating and nourishing product to care for the lips after a long day of assault, even while you are sleeping. Waking up with a plumped and naturally glossy looking lip, preparing you for a new challenging day with enhanced barrier [...]

2020-12-08T19:15:29-05:009th September 2020|

Youth Highlighter Soufflé

This Youth Highlighter Soufflé is a whipped-like highlighter with incredibly iridescent effect for multiple application: on cheeks, eyes or mixed into your lip gloss! It also improves moisturization and rejuvenates skin. This formulation features TEGO®SOFT DEC which is a unique emollient especially suitable for light and non-oily skin are. HYACARE 50 is a hydrolyzed hyaluronic [...]

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