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dermofeel® G10 L

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dermofeel® G10 L


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dermofeel® G10 L

The product consists of a polyglyceryl ester formed by an average of 10 glycerol units and lauric acid. The origin of both components lies in renewable plant sources. The manufacturing process uses environmentally friendly condensation reactions and does not involve any kind of alkoxylated species. Therefore dermofeel® G10 Lis PEG and PPG free and consists of a favourable distribution of different chain lengths in the polyglyceryl part. The comparison of various polyglyceryllaurates with the corresponding polyoxyethylene ethers of lauryl alcohol revealed a better performance of the polyglycerol esters in reduction of surface tension, foam formation/ –stability and detergency.


Ecocert listed dermofeel® G10 L can be employed in various cosmetic products. It is a powerful solubilizer and can be used as an effective emulsifier in sprayable O/W-emulsions with low viscosity.It is applied asstate of the art co-emulsifier in baby care, face cleansing,roll-on-emulsions and sprayable emulsions. As a solubilizer it is often employed in alcohol containing and alcohol free product concepts. Due to its hydrophilic structure it has a good water binding capacity and leaves a pleasant skin feel. The excellent skin and eye compatibility grants applicability in virtually all cosmetic products.dermofeel®G10 L is a pure ingredient with 100 % active ingredient content of polyglyceryl-10-laurate. It can be employed directly, by mixing it with the ingredients to be solubilized and/or the aqueous phase. Foran easier handling we recommend to warm the material to approx.40°C.

dermofeel® G10 L• is a solubilizer from naturally occurring materials• is skin and eye friendly• is PEG and PPG free

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