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dermosoft® 250

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dermosoft® 250


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dermosoft® 250 is a fragrance component with good preservative boosting capacities, especially against fungi. Even at low concentrations it acts independent of the pH-value and is a valuable partner for a broad variety of antimicrobials. The active principle of dermosoft® 250 is found as a fragrance component in nature in many flowers, although this material is petrochemically derived. The delicate hyacinth-like scent of this fragrance component will help to mask undesired odors of raw materials and can round off the fragrance of the formulation. Furthermore, it shows good broadband antimicrobial activity and provides solvating properties, especially for fragrance components.

The antimicrobial efficacy in surfactant-based products may be lower due to micellar inclusion. Not suitable for eye products and sensitive skin.

Perfectly suitable for tonics or hydroalcoholic gels, sun care products, and color cosmetics (with the exception of eye products).

Features & Benefits of dermosoft® 250

  • Fragrance ingredient: gentle hyacinth-like odor
  • Good solvating properties for fragrance components
  • Excellent synergistic boosting effects with surface-active materials (e.g. dermosoft Octiol or dermosoft Hexiol)
  • Easy to handle (cold process possible)
  • Clear water-soluble (up to 0.1% at RT)
  • Temperature stable
  • pH-independent activity

Performance Data

Excellent boosting effect in combination with surface active ingredients.

dermosoft 250

Basic emulsion with 2.9% dermosoft OM and 0.1% dermosoft 250 (pH 6.5)

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