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RHEANCE® One combines powerful cleansing and excellent skin compatibility with unprecedented environmental compatibility. It is 100% based on natural renewable ingredients (sugar).

Since this ingredient is 100% biodegradable, it contributes to the reduction of waste in natural water and marine ecosystems. It exhibits low toxicity to aquatic organisms and has a low potential for bioaccumulation. The cleansing performance and solubilization properties of this product can be fine-tuned by pH adjustment. This ingredient is an effective treatment for blemished skin due to its sebum reduction properties.

Features & Benefits of RHEANCE® One

  • Powerful cleansing and efficient foaming
  • Extremely Mild
  • Effective solubilization of essential oils, fragrances, and flavors
  • Excellent skin compatibility
  • Pleasant sensory benefits with a dense and creamy foam that rinses easily from skin
  • Sugar based, 100% renewable raw materials
  • 100% biodegradable, low aquatic toxicity
  • Easy to handle, highly concentrated, hard water resistant


This ingredient is suitable for various mild applications such as:

  • Baby cleansing
  • Facial cleansing
    • Micellar waters, foams, gels, or wipes
  • Natural cosmetics
  • Oral care
    • Mouth washes, toothpastes
  • Wet wipes
  • Hair and body shampoos

RHEANCE® One provides outstanding cleansing per­formance. The below chart shows the removal of long-lasting make-up compared to standard solubilizers and water.



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