Variquat® CC 42 NS / Polypropoxy Diethyl Methylammonium Chloride

Variquat® CC 42 NS

Polypropoxy Diethyl Methylammonium Chloride
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Variquat® CC 42 NS


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Variquat® CC 42 NS is a cationic liquid laundry additive compatible with solvents used in dry cleaning which leaves minimum residue.

  • Non foaming
  • Provides excellent lubricity
  • Highly effective antistat
  • Exhibits functionality in both water and oil
  • Compatible with anionic surfactants without salting out
  • Stable to hydrolysis
  • Outstanding tolerance vs calcium ions

Also great for use in the following applications: Ink jet printing, emulsion polymerization, high speed copier antistat, rheological additive for ceramic slurries, emulsifier, dispersant for organic and metallic pigments in non-aqueous systems.