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It’s time for a better glycol. Safe + pure.

Brontide contains no heavy metals at detectable levels and has been shown in clinical studies to be non irritating at levels of up to 40% in formulation. Brontide is a natural butylene glycol. Made from renewable, non-GMO plant sugars, it reduces global warming potential by over 50% compared to petroleum-based butylene glycol. It integrates into current formulations without sacrificing quality or needing reformulation.

Naturally sourced Brontide butylene glycol is a high-performance ingredient used in a variety of personal care and cosmetic applications. It can also be used as a solvent and stabilizer for extracts and actives.

Brontide is made in Europe from an innovative fermentation process which converts non-GMO plant sugars into an ultra high purity butylene glycol, eliminating the need to use crude oil as a feedstock.




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