2020-10-30T16:27:30-04:0030th October 2020|

Natural Clear & Pure Shampoo

This Natural Clear & Pure Shampoo is a transparent shampoo formulation with pleasant viscosity and flow characteristics. It has a well-balanced surfactant composition and good caring properties. This formulation features TEGO® Betain F 50 which is a very pure, mild, concentrated surfactant. It exhibits good foaming and thickening properties. dermofeel P-30 MB is a natural [...]

2020-11-02T11:28:16-05:002nd November 2020|

Natural Restore Conditioner

This Natural Restore Conditioner is a rich hair conditioner cream that gives shine and smoothness without weighing down the hair. This formulation features dermosoft GMCY MB which is a multifunctional wetting agent that provides moisturizing properties and has a co-emulsifying effect in emulsions as well as solubilization properties and pigment dispersion. It is a 100% [...]

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