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Silica Silylate
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AEROSIL® R 812 S: AEROSIL fumed silica has many applications in hair care products, particularly Dry Shampoo, providing an easy alternative to time-consuming wet washing and drying. Combined with other powder ingredients, AEROSIL® provides a volumizing effect to styling aids, and since Dry Water contains mostly an aqueous phase by weight, the formulation also moisturizes the hair.


Dry Water Concept

Water or dilute aqueous solutions can be converted to a dry powder with the help of superhydrophobic AEROSIL® R 812. The powdery product can contain up to

95 % w/w of an aqueous phase. Under mechanical stress, for example, when the product is rubbed onto the skin, the water is released. In this way, solutions contain- ing vitamins, plant extracts and/or other active ingredients can be converted to powdered products. “Dry Water” is created by producing fine water droplets in the presence of the hydrophobic AEROSIL® during a high shear mixing process. While mixing the fine water droplets are coated by the hydrophobic silica which prevents the water droplets from coalescing.

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