AEROSIL® R 816 (Silica Silylate) by Evonik -Glenn Corp-


Silica Silylate
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Evonik Silica is not available in: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont


Your Formulation Solution for Stable, Emulsifier-Free Emulsions with AEROSIL® R 816

This fumed silica powder offers an alternative technology to stabilize oil/water emulsions. Due to the special surface modification of the silica both hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties are introduced in just one material. This enables AEROSIL® R 816 to enrich at oil/water interfaces and thereby stabilize oil droplets in a continuous water phase by the Pickering effect. Furthermore, AEROSIL® R 816 brings structure to the continuous water phase and increases its viscosity which limits the mobility of the oil droplets, thereby providing for even more emulsion stability.

Presents the formulator with a simple, easy-to-use W/O emulsion for the creation of emulsifier-free lotions and creams.

  1. Ideal for sensitive skin
  2. No need for a thickener. Simply adjust the use levels (1% for a lotion, 3% for a cream)
  3. No heating or cooling, less energy, increased sustainability profile

Features & Benefits of AEROSIL® R 816

  • Silica is the most abundant mineral on earth—easy and cost-effective to utilize
  • Eliminate emulsifier and thickener
  • Reduce greasy, oily skin feel
  • Improve SPF by replacing PEG emulsifiers in sunscreens.



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Silica Silylate


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