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dermofeel® AP MB

Ascorbyl Palmitate
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dermofeel® AP MB


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The product: dermofeel® AP MB

This ester of ascorbic acid and palmitic acid provides a stable and oil soluble form of the potent antioxidant and anti-aging active vitamin C. Its lipophilic character enhances the penetration into the skin where the ascorbic acid unfolds its physiologic effect. The antioxidant properties help to protect skin cells and the extracellular matrix. It also stimulates the collagen synthesis, which has a wrinkle reducing effect and it can be applied in skin lightening products because of its melanine-synthesis-inhibiting function.

dermofeel® AP
dermofeel® AP MB elongates the efficacy and stability of the antioxidant system in the formulation

Product features:

– Stable vitamin C ester – Antioxidant additive – Anti-aging active – Skin whitening – 100% naturally derived

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        Ascorbyl Palmitate


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